Every child who got his first bike experiences the freedom that cycling gives, cycling gives the opportunity to explore the surroundings, train your body and enjoy movement. Unfortunately, the joy that cycling can bring is still too often limited by pain or uncomfortable positions that can be avoided. The right bicycle adjustment can offer the solution here.


The aim of Cyclefit is to bring products and services on the market that help to increase the performance and cycling comfort of cyclists.

The products range from the unique soles of Currex, through the unique saddles of Gebiomized to the unique tools for Bikefitters of Purely Custom.

Cyclefit offers the widest range of training courses in Europe because knowledge and skills are paramount to finding the optimal cycling position. If you have ambitions to do something like being a Bikefitter, be sure to take a look at the page about our training courses.

In our webshop, both professional users and individual cyclists can order products. Professional users are advised to request a trade-account first so that they can enjoy optimal support.

Under the expert info you will find a number of tips and tricks for every cyclist to get started. Do you still want the help of a well-educated professional? These can be found under the dealer locator.
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"The dynamic measurement is a very good solution to take measurements because of the personal approach"
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