Cyclefit wants everyone to enjoy his or her bike to the fullest. Because we know how great cycling can be, we will always do our utmost to bring more cycling pleasure to as many cyclists as possible.


Cyclefit is part of Innovative Cycling BV and was founded in 2013. Cyclefit’s mission is to give as many cyclists as possible more cycling pleasure. This through the development and distribution of products, software and services in the field of the determination of the cycling position.

Cyclefit is based on real solutions, independent and honest advice for all cyclists. As knowledge is considered the most important for honest and independent advice, Cyclefit spends a lot of time and energy on training and sharing its knowledge, without recognising the added value of technology.

Cyclefit is active throughout Europe and partly beyond, but recognises the importance of personal contact and individual solutions and therefore works a lot with local specialists and experts who are close to the cyclists.


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