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Cyclefit start to bikefit training - level 1 in person training



The perfect training for anyone who does delve into Bikefitting. 2 days in person training ensure that you can independently perform a good bike fit


The learning objectives are

For the 2 days in person training: gaining the right knowledge and skills to independently do a good dynamic bike fit. In addition to doing a good bikefit, starting a bikefit studio and what is needed for it in terms of tools, technology and processes will be discussed


2 days in-person training. (maximum group size 8 people)

Part 1: - Explanation different types of bike fitting (static vs dynamic)
- Explanation of sizing (frame size determination) versus fitting (correct adjustment)
- Short explanation how to go from fitting to sizing (give frame size advice)
- Introduction various commonly used technologies in bikefitting, technologies which are explained
* 2D motion capture systems / Video analysis
* 3D motion capture systems
* Seat pressure measurement
* Pad pressure measurement
* Elbow pad / MTB grip pressure measurement
All technologies can also be demonstrated, to keep the training neutral, this is often optionally done during an evening session
- Introduction several commonly used tools in bikefitting, tools which are explained (available for use)
* Brannock devices
* Naviculo gauges
* Gonio meters
* XY tools
* Adjustable stems
* Width adjustable handlebars
* Fit bike / fit bike
* Length adjustable cranks
* Wheel risers
* Lasers
* Foot discs
- Introduction several commonly used products in bikefitting, products which are explained (available for use)
* Different types of saddles
* Different types of soles
* Different pedal systems
* Different wedges (forefoot, heel and cleat)
* Different leg length pictures

Part 2: - Preparing for the bikefit
* Alignment of the bike on the trainer
* Transferring the sizes to the fitbike
* Fitting sizing stem / adjustable handlebar
- Analysis of the foot
* Recording width of the foot
* Recording length of the foot
* Capture general shape of the foot
* Measuring arch of the foot (loaded / unloaded)
* Checking shoe size, possibly advice for adjustment of shoes
* Advising the right insoles
- Control general / starting position on the bike
* Make any major adjustments
* Any adjustment saddle to have a better starting point
- Cleat position
* front - back position
* medial - lateral position
* cleat wedges
* rotation
Part 3: - Saddle Position
* saddle height determination
* determination of correct saddle setback
* crank length control
* all adjustments in function of the rider's capabilities and goal, individual optimisation
Part 4: - Handlebar position
* determination of the correct distance to the handlebars
* determination of the correct height of the handlebars
* determination of correct handlebar width
* determination of the correct position of brake levers
* all adjustments in function of the rider's capabilities and goal, individual optimisation
4. Bike measurements
2 day in person course
Day 1: Theoretical background on bikefitting + practical work on cleat adjustment
· Static vs Dynamic bikefit
· Preparations before a bikefit
· Capturing final + starting position
· Assessing shoe size
· Working with semi-custom insoles (A pair of Currex Bikepro insoles is included for each participant)
· A short introduction to different bikefit technologies
o 2D motion capture
o 3D motion capture
o Saddle pressure mapping technology
· Fitting on a fitbike vs fitting on somebodies own bike
· Setting up a starting / base position
· Theoretical background on cleat adjustment
o Fore – aft
o Medial – lateral
o Cleat rotation
o Cleat wedges
· Some practical work on cleat set up
· Theoretical background on saddle height – leg extension
· Theoretical background on saddle setback – balance

Day 2: Theoretical background on bikefitting + practical work on bikefitting
· Theoretical background on handlebar reach
· Theoretical background on handlebar height
· Theoretical background on handlebar width and shape
· Lever position
· Saddle tilt
· Crank length
· Practical sessions, as a group we try to do at least 4 bikefits
· Students are used as test person which gives a realistic variation in results and needs
Additional information
· Small groups maximum 8 persons
· All material (also online courses available in Dutch and English)
· Course is given in Dutch or English (depending on the audience)
· Permanent access to the online parts of the education is included
· IBFI certified course
· All kinds of top material available (saddle, pedals, fitbike, etc.…)
· Hosted every 2 months
· Free access to alumni days (hosted 1 – 2 times per year)
· Free access to graphical material (used for website, rapport generation etc.,….)

Pricing (all pricing ex. Vat)
· 750.- 2 days in person only

· 10% discount for users of the Cyclefit static measurement system
· 35% for 2nd person from same company


Niels Heuvelman
Niels Sempels


After registration you will receive a confirmation.
About 1 week before the training you will receive further detailed information about the location and the things to bring. You will also receive a number of videos as preparation.

The first day of the in-person training is partly theoretical, but practical work is also being done on the analysis of the foot.
The second day is a small part theory and the rest practical work to gain experience. Depending on the size of the group, we work in 1, 2 or 3 groups. The further the day progresses, the more it is expected that the students perform the bikefit themselves.

The participants are also the ones to be fit.

The training is largely based on adjustments for bicycles with a curved handlebar (race / gravel) but can also be applied to the basic mountain bike position.

The training is given in Dutch and English. The material is also available in Dutch and English.

Be included in the training
- Access to the online training
- 1 pair of Currex Bikepro soles
- Any materials used during the fit
- 30 days free use of the Cyclefit software program
- A simple lunch
- Access to our extensive database of images to be used on website and in reports (from business to consumer use only)


This course has been certified by the IBFI.
By taking this course you will earn 40 IBFI points.


You can cancel without charge up to 14 calendar days before the course starts. If you unsubscribe in time and in writing (by e-mail), the registration fee will be refunded; if you cancel after this date or if you are not present during the course, the registration fee will remain due in full.


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